Friday, October 19, 2007

Enrichment Idea

My mom is the Stake Relief Society President and one of her wards had a great Enrichment idea. The topic was on Preparedness and they talked about food storage (*yawn*) but they mainly talked about how to cook and prepare meals with food storage! There are some great food storage cook books out there, and I would at this point, have no idea what to cook with flour and lentils. Ya know? Anyways, they said they had a great turnout and everyone was so excited to cook with their food storage. Just a fun idea that I've totally recommended to our ward!

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Jill said...

Each month in our ward, we have a cooking class. Everyone brings the dish and a copy of the recipe. One month, everyone had to bring something they cooked only from food storage. We each got 16 different recipes and actually got to taste the food. It was such a success, that we are doing it again. And most of the food was really tasty.