Friday, October 19, 2007

What A Great Idea!

Hi Girls! I'm feeling so out of it these days. I've been SUPER busy with my kids being on fall break as well as having my first Enrichment Night as the New Enrichment Counselor in my ward (with no Enrichment Leader called yet) and the end of my kids sports seasons, with my husband out of town, (BIG BREATH). I haven't been online to check blogs or post anything at all! I am however TOTALLY excited about this inspired ideas site. I was recently released as the Stake Activity Days Leader and before that was the Ward Activity Days Leader. I LOVE activity Days and have TONS of stuff to share! I don't have time right now but next week I'll post a bunch of stuff! Anyone who has had any great enrichments, post post post!!! I'm planning our December Enrichment and all four of next years nights as well during the next few weeks!!

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alysha said...

I'm going to E.N. tonight so I'll let ya know how it goes.