Wednesday, October 24, 2007

General Conference Bowl

Hi girls! What a GREAT idea this blog is. I am in the YW presidency and am constantly looking for new ideas. Sorry I've been a little MIA lately. I have been really busy but the main culprit is my piece of junk computer! I've been having all kind of problems lately so have not been able to get nearly my fix of internet/blogging time. Maybe Santa will bring me a new one!

Anyway, tonight for our YW/YM joint activity our class is in charge and we decided to do a General Conference Bowl. The set up will be like Family Feud. I'm splitting every one in two teams and there will be a host (one of our YM leaders) that will ask the questions. We have 30 questions based on Oct General Conference. I will have a table at the front with the host and a bell on each end. A team member from each team will come up to the front and the host will ask the question. The first person to ding their bell gets to either 1) answer the question by themselves for 3 points 2) play - return to their team and answer together - correct answer is 1 point 3) pass to the opposing team - correct answer is 2 points. A wrong answer by a team gives the other team a chance to answer correctly for 2 points.

Obviously most of the youth will not have watched all of the sessions or remember everything they watched, so at the beginning of the game I am giving each team an envelope with all of the answers (and some fake ones) so that way everyone will be able to participate. I hope it goes well! I'm hoping the youth will get competitive and strategic with the game. I was thinking it could also be a fun Enrichment. I'll let you know how it goes!

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shannon said...

LOVE, LOVE this idea...totally stealing it for our ward!